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  • Who We Are


    DDJ-AGENT is your Sales Developer for the Internet of Things (IoT), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI)


    Our office is located in Paris la Defense, France



    Selecting the right technology for your next development can easily become a nightmare as you can quickly face a wall made of new fancy, hyper-specialized solutions


    The risk is that you stick to your existing technologies and miss the step that would make your development a success. Could even be worse if your next development fails because you didn't select the new pieces of technologies that could give you an advantage over your competition!


    DDJ-AGENT can help you there


    We are specialists in bringing new technologies to your R&D labs and in helping their successful implementations


    On the opposite side, new technologies hard meet their market


    It's a much different matter than just understanding some requirements. It's more of bringing some essential benefits to a specific category of users, who can have distinct requirements – local requirements – from your other users. It's about getting to the right market, with the right partners and with a right value proposition


    DDJ-AGENT can help you there, too


    We are locals, with solid cultural roots and keen to manage the specifics. You can benefit from our expertise to save your time when it is to penetrate or set up sustainable market positions


    Since 2009, DDJ-AGENT acts as the representative or the agent for companies establishing in France, Benelux, Switzerland and more globally Western and South Europe. We bring our expertise in the fields of IoT, both IT and OT, Automotive, Electronics, both embedded hardware and software, and Telecom Networks. We recently added the support to some essential tools for R&D's and Sales organizations such as ALM, CRM, BI.


    We offer a foot on the ground in these territories at a lower cost, more efficiency and better time-to-market compared to an in-house representation team


    Our know-how of trading is well complemented by our know-who in our territories. This is the key for opening opportunities in a cost efficient way for the benefit of all parties


  • What we do at DDJ-AGENT

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    Your Sales Agency


    DDJ-AGENT primarily acts as an agent, starting up a local office or representation, with a focus on operation and field presence in mind. With this local point of contact, technology vendors get closer to their customers and users.

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    Your Marketing


    DDJ-AGENT can bring his expertise in marketing, to help you establish a relevant channel strategy, propose tailored product adaptations, or translate your marketing materials to local sensibility and culture.

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    DDJ-AGENT can turn you to adequate technologies and technology vendors to bring their best support for a smooth and seamless integration.

    Technology vendors in their turn benefit from a better and earlier view of qualified opportunities.


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    Niche Markets


    At DDJ-AGENT you will find niche products mostly for very focussed applications.

    Dedication and specialisation are the two success factors that you need to find within your local representation, when your technology addresses niches markets.

  • Profiles

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    DDJ-AGENT References

    All representations are mission based with a clear definition of objectives and means to reach the goals. Here are some public references for current or past representations:

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    Business Practices At DDJ-AGENT

    A sample of missions realized:

    • creation of a sales office

    • business/marketing/product planning

    • product introduction

    • product management
    • market analysis

    • lead qualification

    • account/market penetration

    • bidding to RFQs

    • rep for a network equipment vendor

    • prospection

    • representation of services/tools/software/hardware vendors

    • coaching of sales teams

    Industries: Industrial Automation, Automotive, Connected Vehicles, Test Equipments, Network Equipments, Medias&Conferences, IoT, Avionics&Defence, Medical Devices

  • Meet Our Team at DDJ-AGENT

    Didier Dusclaux

    Didier is your first point of contact to DDJ-AGENT.

    With over 20 years in marketing and sales at large international corporations, he has acquired a vast experience in selling hi-tech components, solutions and services to large accounts, in doing sales development, prospection, account penetration and business planning.

    Autonomous and self starter, his curiosity in engineering still is vivid, inherited from his early years when he worked on CAD, networking and RF for leading R&D labs in France.

    Didier started DDJ-AGENT in 2009 turning his focus to SMEs looking at improving their sales and marketing experience. His credo is he wants to “contribute to the development and the excellence of the industry in France and in Europe”.

    Profiles available on Viadeo and LinkedIn.

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